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How we work with you -
Ways of Africa Travels

Getting to Know You

Once you establish contact with Ways of Africa Travels, we’ll ascertain the basics: where you want to go, how you like to travel, your timeframe, budget, who’s coming with you, health and diet considerations, etc. Next we get down to the juicy bits: your interests and passions, and what makes you tick. Armed with this useful information, we’ll get to work creating a complimentary itinerary proposal for your customized tour.

Itinerary Development

This is your private and wholly customized tour, so we think it’s only fair you get to have your say. Which is why at this stage, we revert back to you so you can share your thoughts. Once we’ve received your feedback, we’ll start refining your itinerary, all the while remaining in contact by phone and email should you have any thoughts, concerns, or lightning-bolt realizations. The process continues until we’ve crafted an itinerary about which you are truly excited!

Finalization, Confirmation & Deposit

Once you give us the final nod of approval for the itinerary, we’ll begin confirming hotels and transport. After between two and three business days, we’ll report back with updates. At this point, we also request a 30 percent deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit, we’ll continue arranging the details of your personalized trip, reserving tours, transportation and entrance tickets. We confirm all bookings in advance, so you know exactly what to expect and don’t have to worry about unexpected last-minute changes.

Preparing for Departure

After poring over the details and ensuring everything is in place, we’ll send you the full detailed itinerary for your luxury tour via email. This is when the excitement really begins. Your impending trip will seem more real than ever as you read through day-by-day accounts of planned activities, as well as hotel names and addresses, guide meeting times, key transportation information and locations. We’ll also include contact names and numbers for the Ways of Africa Travels team as well as helpful packing tips and details about changing money, insurance and health precautions. We will request the remainder of your payment.

Arrival & Your Travel Experience

This is when you will see just how we have developed our reputation as one of the best tour operators in Kenya. As soon as you arrive, you will be met at the airport by your Ways of Africa Travels host who will take you to your hotel, go through your itinerary, provide directions for meeting your guide and generally make sure things go as smoothly as possible for you. Have any lingering questions or hesitations? Now is the time to ask! After, your guides will take care of all the day-to-day logistics, as well as dealing with any unexpected hurdles you encounter. A Ways of Africa Travels customer service representative will also check in every other day just to make sure everything is going as expected. And should you have any burning questions or a need for assistance, the Ways of Africa Travels team is always contactable 24/7 via Whatsapp, phone, and email.

Returning Home

We’ll do our best to make your return journey home as smooth as possible. A Ways of Africa Travels team member will go with you to the airport and ensure you are comfortably settled in your departing flight. We’ll also be contactable upon your return.

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